Shared Energy, Efficient, and Sufficient Energy, [EN/PL] 

July 15, 2022 from 9:30 am to 11:00 am

Description: There is an energy crisis across Europe. Can energy cooperatives present a viable alternative energy model for Europe? This session seeks to put together a series of experts and practitioners to discuss the challenges and pathways to energy sufficiency.


  • Aleksandar Gjorgjievski, Sunrise 

Aleksandar Gjorgjievski is president of the Association for Sustainable Social and Economic Development – SUNRISE from North Macedonia. With a degree in Economy and Finance has worked with environmental topics on different aspects as waste management, air pollution, sustainable food systems and energy transition. For Sunrise he has written on the Alternatives in decreasing air pollution, Geo thermal energy perspectives (N. Macedonia) and articles on Food, Mobility, Energy transition and Pollution. Currently working with Sunrise on establishing Energy Cooperatives in the region and closely following the energy transition in Southeast Europe.

  • Grzegorz Wiśniewski, Institute of Renewable Energy  

Grzegorz Wiśniewski – president of the board of the Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO). He specialises in renewable energy technologies, policy, economics and market studies. Member of the coordination council of the sectoral agreement of the photovoltaic industry with the Government of the Republic of Poland. Co-author of Polish National RES strategy and a dozen strategic reports for the EC. He was a Chairman of the ManagEnergy Reflection Group (2007/2008). Member of the National Development Council of the President of Poland (2016-2020).


  • Barbara Nicoloso, Virage Energie  (moderator)

Barbara is the managing director of Virage Énergie, a French NGO established in 2006 to demonstrate how energy transition, climate change mitigation and adaptation can be implemented at the local level without nuclear power. Barbara studies the impacts of energy transition and climate change on public policies, urban planning, landscapes and narratives. She holds a Master degree in public policy, sustainable development and urban planning from Sciences Po Lille (France). She has published multiple essays and books on energy transition and energy sufficiency.


  • Janis Brizga,

Janis Brizga is head of  board at the NGO Green Liberty and a researcher at the University of Latvia, Department of Geography and Earth Sciences.  He was the chair of the NGO network ANPED; the Environmental Policy Programme Director at WWF-Latvia; and the Executive Director at Coalition Clean Baltic’s Latvia office. With a PhD in environmental science and a Master’s in public administration, Janis is a member of the board of SCORAI-Europe, a research network focusing on sustainable consumption, and a member of the Executive Committee of Bankwatch Network.


  • Justyna Glusman, Fala renowacji

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