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The Green European Foundation together with the Federation of Young European Greens is opening a call for an author to write a book chapter on the youth and grassroots perspectives for a just transition. This is a remunerated task.

About the Event

The chapter will be published in the Book on Just Transition produced as part of the multiannual and multipartner project carried out by the Green European Foundation, led by Oikos and participated by green European partners. It will be divided in five parts: (1) Setting the stage, (2) European regions on their way, (3) Just transition and the EU Green Deal, (4) Frontrunners showing the way, and (5) Conclusions. The Youth Chapter will open part 4.

We are looking for someone who can bring a fresh perspective and nuanced insights into the following questions:

  • How do young people take the future into their own hands?
  • How are grassroots movements changing the narrative and convincing politicians to push for a socially just transition?
  • How are young activists from marginalised communities and minority groups impacted by climate change, and how are they fighting for climate justice?
  • Why are current EU programmes such as Next Generation EU not good enough?
  • How has the pandemic transformed the efforts of grassroots activists and changed their methods to create impact?

We are looking for one or two young authors with a passion for writing who are interested in the topic and committed to unpack the relation between the work of activists everywhere in Europe and the political advancement towards a more sustainable, welcoming and fairer Europe.



About the chapter:

  • The content of the chapter should have a strong focus on the role of youth, grassroots and marginalised and minority groups in achieving a better and more just transition away from fossil fuels towards a socially and environmentally sustainable future
  • The chapter should have a clear sub-structure (contextual introduction, main body divided in sub-sections and topics, summarising conclusion) and can include various formats (analysis, essays, case studies and/or interviews)
  • The chapter should support analysis with figures and examples from at least three European countries (including at least one non-EU)
  • The chapter should consist of 4000 to 6000 words
  • The contribution should be written in English
  • The remuneration for the writing of the chapter is EUR 500

We accept both individual and joint applications of maximum two authors to co-write the chapter. If you decide to apply with someone please send in only one joint application.

The writer(s) applying should:

  • Be interested and passionate about tactics, methods and narratives used by grassroots movements across Europe to achieve a socially just transition
  • Be determined in expanding their knowledge on the topic by doing research, following the work or contacting activists
  • (Possibly) have previous experience in writing extensive pieces
  • Feel comfortable in writing long texts in English


  • Send your application by 2nd April at 23:59 CET
  • You will be informed of the decision at the latest by 7th April (all applicants will be informed)
  • Start writing!
  • A first draft of the chapter should be sent in by the 7th of May
  • Wait for the feedback and comments of the FYEG Executive Committee
  • The final version of the chapter should be sent in by the 31st of May



To apply:

Please send the following to project.manager@fyeg.org by 2nd April @ 23:59 CET:

  • Your pitch for the chapter: a description of what you would like to write about (between 300 and 400 words)
  • A short mention of the structure and format you plan to use
  • A proposal for a concise title
  • Your CV (or CVs if two authors are applying)

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