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Together with the Federation of Young European Greens we are excited to announce the first ever Young Greens Summer Festival scheduled for August 2021 and to open a call for a host organisation. We highly encourage all interested Organisations to apply!

Be Brave Summer Festival

It will soon be almost two years since Young Greens have gathered in-real-life internationally. In August 2021 we plan to invite 300 Young Greens and representatives of youth Green movements to a 6-day long, community-managed, outdoor summer festival to: look back at the challenges and learnings of this period of digital organising, as well as to undertake a journey of introspective reflection of our groups and movements to imagine a way forward for more inclusivity and resiliency.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the final number of participants and number of festival days will be decided at a later stage and both figures might consequently be reduced to comply with national and EU restrictions.


About the location and logistical set-up

In organising the first ever Young Greens Summer Festival, we firstly want to ensure the safety and inclusion of all participants. This event will be organised outdoors, with the following logistical requirements:

  • Enough space to host (1) three large open tent constructions (similar to the ones used at music festivals) where to host plenaries and workshops; (2) several smaller stands (Doctors without Borders style) where to hold the parallel sessions of the programme
  • An open space where participants can pitch their camping tents
  • Access to running water on the site and at least one dry area (building or container)
  • Road accessibility to the site for vehicles


About the Local Preparatory Team (LPT)

We are looking for 5 motivated Young Greens who will form the Local Preparatory Team and who will be working alongside FYEG’s Projects staff team and take part in the entire planning and organisational process.

The LPT’s responsibilities will be:

  • Research site/venue, meal and refreshment arrangement options, taking into consideration the logistics criteria identified in agreement with FYEG project staff and green organising partners
  • Coordinate the logistical preparation and implementation of the festival in accordance with the budget envisioned for the event
  • Prepare an infopack related to the event logistics, venue, local travel etc. together with the PT and FYEG office
  • Support with the establishment of a solidarity/sliding scale ticket system
  • Arrange all technical and logistical needs of the preparatory team (PT) and of participants before and during the event
  • Monitor and keep the FYEG office informed of relevant covid-related country developments for the periodic reassessment of the event’s logistics
  • Attend weekly coordination meetings (1h) with FYEG’s project staff (May to August)

The applying organisation should include the formation of the Local Prep Team in the application, and each member should provide their contact and self-identification details by filling in the form linked below.


Apply to host the first Young Greens Summer Festival

The local host organisation will have the following benefits:

  • To promote this activity at local/national level as its international activity in cooperation with FYEG;
  • To make use of presence of the international Young Greens to organise side activities during the event that will support the interest of their organisation;
  • To organise a media event and use the international presence of Young Greens;
  • To build capacities of its own members in organising events, fundraising, educational work and international cooperation.

If your organisation is interested in hosting the Young Greens Summer Festival, we kindly ask you to submit an application to help us decide on the best possible location. This application should contain:

  • A short statement on behalf of your organisation, expressing the interest to be the host of the Young Greens Summer Festival and the commitment to take part in the entire planning and organisational process (April to August).
  • An initial overview of the venue options. Can you think of suitable locations for hosting the festival? Think about: do you know any summer festivals organised in your country and if so, where are they hosted? Are there areas of land that are symbolically important to Greens (squatted land used for community activities and projects, threatened parks/forests that communities are trying to preserve, etc.). What is the road connectivity to the closest city/town/village of these sites like?
  • The formation of the Local Prep Team. Due to the scale and nature of the event, we are looking for 5 people to form the local prep team (LPT). Include their full names and contact emails in the application. Each individual LPT member should fill in this brief questionnaire with their contact details and self-identification information. Please consider that this is a long-term commitment as the preparations will require your LPT’s attention for the 4 months prior to the event.
  • An overview of the transportation options that the place offers: is it easily accessible by road, railway or airway? What are the average costs of travel from various regions of Europe?
  • If your organisation has any, please include any relevant experience with hosting a youth activity last year under Corona restrictions.



Please send all documents by 10th April at 23:59 CET by e-mail to project.manager@fyeg.org and milan@fyeg.org, and do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.

The decision regarding the selected location will be communicated by the 20th April 2021. FYEG strives for regional balance in the organisation of its events, and that will be an important criteria during the selection – together with the quality of the application. The festival is the second activity of the year-long Youth Rebuilds a Brave New Europe supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe and organised in collaboration with the European Greens. One of the seminar workshops is organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of the FYEG and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the GEF.


A portion of this event is organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of the FYEG and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation

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