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The Green European Foundation is looking for an illustrator for the purpose of creating: a header illustration for the upcoming green learning website, which will allow for a fresh, clean design, while creating a bridge to the gef-learning.eu platform and the courses available there.


The Green European Foundation (GEF) is a European level political foundation. It is linked to, but independent of, other European Green actors such as the European Green Party and the Green Group in the European Parliament. Modelled on many successful national green political foundations, GEF works to encourage European citizens to participate in European political discussions and to ultimately forge a stronger, more participative European democracy. Read more: www.gef.eu

About Green Learning

An important element of our annual work programme is the GEF online learning platform (currently www.gef-learning.eu), where we make available interactive and innovative e-courses on Green topics.  In 2018, we expanded the scope of the platform to accommodate more diverse types of courses, organisations and audiences.

Besides expanding the content available on the e-learning platform, we decided to create a landing page – green learning – a website, which tells the story behind our e-learning programme, invites participants to sign-up (which they can do directly from the landing page) and invites other organisations to collaborate with us.

What we need

One of the challenges we are facing is to keep the both our landing page and the e-learning environment clean, easy to navigate and consistent. We therefore intend to introduce an additional element to our brand identity, which will tie the landing page Green Learning (in production), e-learning platform and various courses together.

We are looking for a skilled illustrator, who will not only deliver the main illustration available on Green Learning, but also offer a long-term vision to help us fulfill the following objectives:

  • to support us in elevating the brand presence, prominence and recognition
  • to support us in reinforce our image as a credible and cohesive brand

Target audience

Our primary target groups:

  • European citizens involved in the green parties, youth organisations, foundations, etc.
  • European citizens not yet involved in green organisations but interested in green topics.

Our secondary target groups:             

  • Educational institutions (high schools/universities) and educators
  • Green NGOs not necessarily affiliated to the political movement


Our learners are predominantly European and represent diverse national, ethnic and racial groups. The courses attracted almost equal number of learners identified as female and male. Our attitude surveys show that our learners tend to be socially active and politically progressive. The age of our learners varies between 15 and 60 (with vast majority between 20 – 40).

Creative direction

We welcome different creative styles as long as it’s not in conflict with the brand identity of the Green European Foundation. The illustrations need to be built around and reflect the demographics of the platform and the following principles:

  • Green Learning serves the purpose of educating people on green topics
  • Green Learning helps learners to connect with other like-minded people and create a community
  • Green Learning empowers learners to take action
  • Green Learning hosts e-courses that are informative, interactive and were developed with real humans in mind.


  • A short vision statement for the illustration
  • 1 illustrated web banner
  • A short visual concept for the interface of gef-learning.eu

Purpose and function

The signature web banner will be permanently displayed on the Green Learning home page. Additional illustrations will be displayed on the home page and the online learning platform.

The illustrations will also be used as social media and print content for promotional purposes.


  • The illustration should be designed for web, 16:9 ratio, in high resolution jpeg/png format.
  • Individual characters of the illustration should be delivered as vector files.


Please, refer to the attachments for further details regarding the placement of the illustration and margins. We also recommend to take a look at the platform (www.gef-learning.eu) and Impact Europe course to get an idea of the type of content we produce.

Review date/s:

Additional briefing – October 17

Midterm feedback – October 22

Final submission – October 26

 The period covers research and sketching, refining and finalising the deliverables.


1200 euro, VAT included

Selection and future cooperation

The final decision will be made based on your previous line of work and a basic sketch of the two main deliverables. The continuation of cooperation on this project is expected, yet not guaranteed.

Interested illustrators are invited to submit their main idea + sketch and a link to their portfolio to gio.megrelishvili@gef.eu. Deadline: 10 October.


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