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5:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Campus de Poblenou / Carrer Roc Boronat, 138
Barcelona, Catalonia 08018 Spain

Are you worried as policy makers do not address the existing challenges in Europe such as affordable housing in urban areas, precarious employment and the lasting migration and refugee policies crisis? Join us for our New Political Course Days in Barcelona where we want to debate solutions to secure a sustainable, just and democratic European Union.


The current times in Europe are characterised by political uncertainty and instability in regard to domestic as well as foreign policies. As it is clear that we are living in times of fundamental change, citizens all over Europe must be equipped with the tools to take a new political course and they must be empowered to face the challenges ahead.

Many countries across the EU face similar challenges in various areas that affect citizens’ daily lives: insufficient access to affordable housing, high unemployment rates and precarious jobs, sexist violence and the ongoing migration and asylum policies crisis. At the same time, we can observe a neoliberal drift in some EU member states that is counterproductive to find sustainable solutions to those challenges.

Only with an extensive participation of citizens, the radical changes that are needed to face those challenges can be made.

About the event

The upcoming New Political Course Days, organised with the support of Fundació Nous Horitzons and in collaboration with a variety of other actors such as Fundació l’Alternativa and Instituto 25M Democracia, will provide a space for debate with agents of change and to formulate demands towards the political representatives for this era of change in Catalonia, Spain and Europe.


Friday, 14 September




Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona

Moderation: tbc

18:15 PANEL DEBATE Multilevel governance, politics of scale and social transformation

Lucía Martín, ECP representative in the Congress of Deputies: Housing policies

Pablo Cotarelo, Engineer and consultant for the energy sector: A new energy economy

Marta Junqué, Fearless Cities: From the neighbourhoods to Europe – the relation of local and global

Moderation: tbc


Saturday, 15 September

10:00 PANEL DEBATE Europe, sovereignty and democracy

Ernest Urtasun, MEP of Greens/EFA

Fabio de Masi, Member of the German Parliament of Die Linke

Elly Schlein, MEP of S&D

Moderation: tbc

11:00 BREAK

11:15 PANEL DEBATE A new economic, social and environmental model for Catalonia

Jordi Angusto, Economist: A new economic model for Catalonia

Sandra Ezquerra, Professor of sociology at Universitat de Vic Barcelona: A feminist economy

José Antonio Donaire, Professor of geography at Universitat de Girona: A sustainable economy

12:45 PANEL DEBATE Start of the new political course: the challenges  ahead for progressive forces in this moment of change

Xavi Domènech, Member of the Catalan Parliament for ECP

Ione Belarra, Representative in the Congress of Deputies for Unidos Podemos

Enric Juliana, Deputy Director of La Vanguardia

Gemma Ubasart, Professor of political science at Universitat de Girona

Moderation: tbc


For more info and registration, send an email to fundacio@noushoritzons.cat

Stay tuned for updates on this website and by signing up for the Facebook event!

Campus de Poblenou / Carrer Roc Boronat, 138
Barcelona, Catalonia 08018 Spain

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