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4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Rue des Grands Carmes 27
Brussels, 1000 Belgium
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Are you working on or with commons in an institution, research group, organisation or in a different context? Register now for our interactive seminar and debate with two inspiring experts in the field!


Cities are becoming a new and hopeful transnational governance level. They are organising themselves in a whole tissue of networks (Fearless Cities, Fabcities, etc.), working together in domains like climate policy, renewable energy and urban economy.

At the same time, citizens are developing a whole range of urban commons, based on co-operation and an ethics of care. Tired of only being a powerless consumer or a passive citizen, we get active as maker, urban farmer, solidarity volunteer, user of shared resources, civic or social entrepreneur, etc. This goes along with the establishment of new organisations and infrastructures like fab labs, energy co-ops, co-working spaces, urban food production plots, and many more.

In recent years, we have seen cities like Ghent and Bologna moving a step further, establishing structures and processes that aim at building synergies between the public and the commons domain. This is part of a new political vision, the Partner State. So, a partner city sustains and gives incentives to alternative civil and economic institutions, like the commons and cooperatives. The conference, as part of this year’s transnational project around Urban Commons Transitions, therefore aims to look at these developments of collaborative city-making and to examine those prototypes of transformative cities as a driving force towards socio-ecological societies.

Lately institutions, research groups and organisations were created to investigate how commons could be integrated in a more sustainable way in the vivid networks of cities. 

About the Event

The seminar will be kicked off by two experts who will share their experiences and knowledge: Michel Bauwens (P2P-Foundation) and Elena De Nictolis (LabGov). Afterwards, all participants are invited to enrich the debate by contributing with their own perspective and experiences in the field.

This seminar organised with the support of our Flemish partner Oikos Think Tank is targeting participants that are already working on commons. By bringing together the theoretical and experiential experts, this event aims to tackle the challenges on how urban commons transitions can be a prototype for creating socio-ecological societies.  

More info and updates can be found in our Facebook event.

How to register

To register for this seminar follow these steps:

1. Send an e-email to info@oikos.be stating your motivation and shortly describing the commons initiative/project you are active in 

2. Participation fee: for organisations € 20, for private individuals € 10.

3. Transfer the participation fee to the following details: BE29 0015 9877 0164 (BIC: GEBA BE BB) of Oikos vzw with as a reference ‘seminar commons’

Your participation for this seminar will confirmed to you via e-mail.

Join our evening conference!

The seminar will be followed from 19h30 to 21h30 by a conference entitled ‘Creating Eco-Societies through Urban Commons Transitions‘. During this event, the experts will debate with a broader audience and share thoughts with commons’ initiatives already functioning in an Urban environment.

Rue des Grands Carmes 27
Brussels, 1000 Belgium

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