This 2019 project aims to bring together progressive and transformative trans-local city networks, to connect them and facilitate their exchanges, ultimately contributing to a positive narrative for the future of Europe.

Project Background

Despite increasing divisions and the rise of right-wing forces on the European and national scenes, many European cities are pursuing a progressive, positive and transnationally networked vision.  

Building upon the expertise gained in the implementation of previous transnational projects on Urban Commons, the ‘Cities as Places of Hope’ project was launched in 2019 and focusses on these progressive city networks that are a key factor in the development for a positive narrative on the future of Europe. Bringing together political, civil, and economic actors, the partner foundations discuss how these networks can gain more power at the European level, particularly to develop a positive narrative for the future of Europe. The project is also providing a connected space to support engaged citizens in developing urban commons and democratic innovation.  

Project Objectives and Activities

The 2019 edition of the project focused on a few countries and showed there is great potential, with greens getting stronger and stronger at the city level. They even boast a presence in countries in East- and South-Europe where they underperform at national level, giving an important opportunity to build up. In order to further explore and exchange on transformative local practices and their potential to reinforce the green family, project partners will conduct research into inspiring transformative policies in cities where greens are present, will document these successes and organise events across Europe ‘In Search of the Green City.’ 

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