When we talk about tourism, it’s all about the economy, but at the same time, we are talking about nature. However, these two terms don’t always go together well.  Moreover, the climate crisis and the energy transition will soon shift the tourism industry as we know it. Because travelling will be different in the future, we have collected a few examples from Austria and its border regions that show how this transformation could take place.

The transition to a more sustainable form of tourism is not a distant utopia. It is feasible – with the involvement of all local stakeholders, with the involvement of politics and economy, with consideration of the needs of people and nature.


This brochure aims to call readers to rethink all aspects of the tourism sector at a national and European level. More often than not, the consequences of tourism go from a workforce suffering from low wages to working conditions that circumvent national regulations, especially in structurally weak regions of Europe. The damages caused to people and the environment have serious consequences. The same applies to the cost of a rapidly growing ecological footprint in the industry. All these facts are calling for joint European solutions.

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