How can we ensure that no one gets left behind in Europe’s push for greener, more sustainable mobility? In Spain, people living in rural areas or small towns often have to leave their hometowns to earn a living in a capital city. Why should thousands of people be forced to emigrate from these natural environments? This podcast explores some of the big questions around mobility poverty and the importance of addressing this as part of a green transition.


Mobility poverty in cities is becoming an increasingly acute issue: living near one’s workplace implies paying an expensive rent, but living far away from it entails the need to commute daily. Long and overbearing commutes can have adverse effects on work-life balance. Workers who can afford a car are obliged to either rent a parking spot or spend 35% of their driving time trying to park it. Then again, not everyone has the means to rent a private parking space, let alone to buy a car. Not to mention, the harmful impact of private car dependency on cities in terms of air pollutiongreenhouse gas emission, infrastructure to support them etc. 

Environmental sustainability, mobility poverty, and our right to transport must work hand in hand with the goal of making people’s lives easier and more connected. The ship is about to sail, but social and political will can still speed up and catch it on time.


Sustainable Mobility for All




This podcast has been realised with the support of Ecopolítica, and the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation. The European Parliament is not responsible for the content of this publication.


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2022, November 14
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