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10:00 am - 11:30 am
Bérkocsis utca 41
Budapest, 1084 Hungary
UBI - Basic Income

Are you wondering how the progressing digitisation is affecting youth employment? Are you interested to discuss possible countermeasures to eliminate youth precariousness? Join our workshop in Budapest!


Technological change causes short-term job losses, that can ultimately lead to lasting increases in unemployment. Especially among young people in Europe, unemployment is already extremely high and unequal distribution of common resources, shrinking of social security and lack of access to low-skilled jobs deepens the insecurity about the future of work. To counter the erosion of the 20th century welfare state and the increasing youth precariousness, new ideas  have to be put forward on how society’s wealth can be distributed in a just way.

About the event

In the framework of this year’s Basic Income for all EU Citizens? transnational project, we will host this particular workshop to have a closer look at the prospects of a Universal Basic Income to combat youth precariousness and will especially address the following questions:

  • What is technological unemployment, what are its possible consequences and how does it relate to young people?
  • What are policy answers to technological unemployment and what kind of role could Basic Income play?
  • What are the digital tools we can use and what is the strategy to advocate for Basic Income in a digital world?

The workshop will be hosted at the Federation of Young Europeans’ week-long training “Common Digital (R)evolution”.


During this workshop, young Green activists from all across Europe will learn more about technological unemployment and its relation to basic income from Lilja Tamminen, Director Of Operations & Product Management at a computer software company, former Deputy Member of the Helsinki City Hall and expert on technological (un)employment.

Furthermore, the participants of the workshop will receive practical tools during a hands-on training session to argue for basic income as a means to move towards a more just society.

For more info on the event and how to participate, contact office@fyeg.org

Bérkocsis utca 41
Budapest, 1084 Hungary

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