In its second year, this transnational project strives to further develop its findings from 2016 where the project partners had identified the transboundary need for a change of narrative to disseminate the reality of migrants among society. The aim of this project is to empower young migrants and give them a voice so they can be the narrators of their own stories and to counter the negative perception of migratory processes.

Therefore, our partner foundations Fundación EQUO (Spain), Fundació Nous Horitzons (Catalonia, Spain), Green Institute (Greece) and the Green Economics Institute (United Kingdom) and FYEG will empower young migrants in different European countries to tell their own stories by organising filming workshops in the different countries. The results will be shown on the project’s platform: A European-wide video festival will follow to award the most inspiring story among the contestants during a concluding award ceremony.

2016: Refugee and Migration Policies – The Local Level

In 2016, the project focused on the insufficiency of EU migration and asylum policies and the malfunctioning of migration management at the European level which became apparent in the course of 2015. As the challenge of accommodating and integrating refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers was primarily handled by local communities, the different events, organised with the support of the partner foundations, looked particularly at how the local context of refugees and asylum seekers’ well-being is influenced by both European and national realities.

The project aimed to enable exchange between the locals and Green activists, to identify questions that need to be addressed within the framework of the current problems, to collect answers, and to ultimately connect the local with the European level again. Collaboration with our partner foundations aspired to offer analysis within the current context of pan-EU and national debates and to produce new normative, institutional and social settings of migration policy. The 2016 project was concluded by a report that laid the groundwork for the continuation of our partners’ transboundary efforts this year.

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