Green Economics Institute
Green Economics Institute

The Green Economics Institute is based in the UK and provides inspirational leadership for  ecological, social and  economic justice transformations fit for the 21st and 22nd centuries.

The Green Economics Institute, is active throughout Europe,  and runs a global network,  impacting  European policy development and  outcomes.

It works on climate and visioning the future, long term frameworks of the economy   and civilisation, basing  its ideas on scientific and philosophical research. All its activities feature its unusual profile of European and global voices of non standard actors and its emphasis on holism, sustainability, future resilience, inclusion and diversity.  This includes expert work on philosophies of social justice and mobility, refugees and migration.

It is a Members’ network and the professional body for Green Economics practitioners, policy making and practical organisation of innovators, philosophers and thinkers to envision and lead towards a world which meets the needs of all people everywhere, ( especially women )  nature, other species, the planet and its systems. Its team members usually have a multi mode background, often cross border, and always firmly rooted in the real world.Its   include practitioners, scientists, academics, business people,  and supply chain experts, mapping the downturn in human destruction of  nature,  the economy and  the  environment and are well placed to suggest a recovery path, both in terms of human health and also the environment and nature.

It Publishing House GEIBooks, has over 100 titles in print, and  each one provides a  global network of people and voices advocating a message and campaign for change towards a more benevolent and beneficial world.  The Green Economics Institute has a TV station, an academic journal, a members’ magazine, a specialist climate science organisation,  a Charity and a Conference Making organisation.   The Institute has world class speakers speaking often in parliaments and Universities around Europe, Nobel prize winners,  national business award winners and others, professors, students, farmers, business people. It has its own large delegations to the United Nations Climate Talks  which include exhibition stands and climate events and is an official Research Organisation of the United Nations. Its work is used around the world by governments, kings, princes, global institutions, businesses, students, philosophers, economists and many more.

It runs courses at all levels for qualifications, including field trips, summer schools, youth in action, Erasmus, short courses long courses, post doc supervision, and lectures in many European Universities and many others.  It also runs regular conferences to support its campaigns and to encourage debate and progress both on line and mainly in Oxford and around Europe. It runs regular exhibition stands, publishing and giving speeches and hosting conferences in most countries in Europe.

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