About the project

Times of indefinite economic growth in Europe are behind us. We have to adapt our economies and societies to ecological limits and planetary boundaries, but also to another and more sustainable way of living. Resource scarcity, intensified by Russia’s war against Ukraine and geopolitical shifts, will be even more present and we need systemic change to bear forthcoming challenges. The IPCC explicitly states that degrowth scenarios need to be considered to enable our transition to a 1.5 C degree world. We need to ensure conditions for degrowth by design, not wait for degrowth by disaster. These pathways to a post-growth future are unknown, diverse and multifold

Zagreb will host the first post-pandemic regrowth conference in August 2023. Throughout 2023, there will be a range of events to give more political importance to de/post-growth pathways to be discussed across Europe, particularly as many countries slow down their growth rates. GEF has been present at many post-growth and degrowth events, so this project aims to build capacity building and forge a network around this topic.

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