Every year, the Green European Foundation organises and supports a number of Green Summer Universities and National Conferences across Europe: educational and political events hosted in collaboration with national Green partners.

Throughout 2019, GEF will organise with the support of various partners multiple national conferences across Europe, discussing the key topics and issues facing our societies today.

GEF Summer returns this year with our series of Summer Universities! Be sure to follow updates on what’s going on and share your own experiences on social media with the hashtag #GEFSummer! Also, discover below events some of our partners and friends across Europe are organising over the summer too!


A Different Perspective for Climate Change, Society, Movements, Communication and Green Politics (Turkey)

With the support of Green Thought Association.

This event will focus on the effects of climate change, their relationship to action on a societal level, and the communication and campaigning for Green policy alternatives and ecological movements.

Find out more about this event here. 


The Green Economy Congress – Municipalism: Economic Patterns for the Green Europe (Serbia)

With the support of Networked.

This year’s Green Economy Congress will focus on cities and local democracies as the main drivers of the Green economy, exploring urban commons, decentralisation green infrastructure, zero waste and waste management concepts, among others.

The role of local actors and iniatitives across Europe will be of particular interest at this year’s event.

Find out more about this event here. 

Alps and Carpathian Mountain Summit (Austria)

With the support of Grüne Bildungswerkstatt.

This summit will look at the challenges facing forests and wildlife, as well as tourism in the regions and explore practical solutions to ensure the adaptation of nature to climate change.

Find out more about this event here. 


Green Summer Academy – Closer to Europe (Ośno Lubuskie, Poland)

With the support of Strefa Zieleni.

This Summer Academy will look ahead at the future of the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU, and the future of the Greens in Poland and Europe.

In particular, it will explore seminal issues, including the energy transition and Green jobs, sustainable development, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy sources, and wildlife hunting and the protection of biodversity in the EU.

Find out more about this event here. 

Summer Camp – Social Rights Hackathon (Serbia), 25th-26th July

With the support of Federation of Young European Greens. 

This Summer Camp will focus on social rights and the future of work, looking at regional market specificities, the just transition to a sustainable society, gendered aspects of work. Alongside these topics, it will also look at campaigning and advocating for social rights.

Find out more about this event here. 


Youth and the City – Young People for Fair and Green Cities (Czech Republic), 5th-9th August

With the support of the Cooperation and Development Network.

With a focus on cities, this event will explore the role of alternative urbanisation in shaping the future of Europe’s cities, and how cities can act as platforms for Green, local and alternative policies and positive practices.

Find more information about this event here. 

Les Journées d’été des écologistes 2019 – Europe Écologie Les Verts (Toulouse, France), 22nd – 24th August

Event organised by Europe Écologie Les Verts

Europe Écologie Les Verts’ annual summer meeting is back for 2019, this year taking place in Toulouse! Join them for three days packed with plenary discussions and workshops on the key topics and issues in France and Europe today.

Find out more information on the JDE website here. 

Vertpop – Etopia (Liège, Belgium), 29th August – 1st September

Event organised by Etopia. 

Our Belgian partner Etopia is bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds for their 27th summer event! This year’s Vertpop will take place in Liège over four days, to celebrate Green ideas and discuss solutions for tomorrow in a variety of activities.

Find out more information on the Vertpop website here. 


Citizen’s Engagement Towards Green Urban Development (Bulgaria)

With the support of Foundation of Environment and Agriculture Bulgaria.

This event will focus on Green urban policies: urban agriculture, citizen energy cooperatives, transport and Green zones.

It will also focus on citizen engagement and public participation, with an emphasis on social inclusion of those from social minorities.

Energy Democracy Workshop (Ohrid, Macedonia), 8th-9th September

With the support of Sunrise.

This workshop will explore cooperatives and other forms of socio-environmental economy in Europe, as well as the debate and practise on the EU level with experience and challenges from the Balkans, and the state of democracy in the EU and candidate countries.

Find more information about this event here. 


Univerde: Capitalism in Front of the Mirror – the Socio-Environmental Response to a Predatory System (Córdoba, Spain), 15th- 17th November

With the support of Fundación Equo.

The 11th edition of the Green University in Spain, this year’s Univerde will focus on will focus on the political and societal changes necessary to transition to a just and sustainable model and explore the role of Europe as a leader in driving this change.

Find more information about this event here.

Winter Seminar of the Green Academy: Degrowth Kaleidoscope (Croatia)

With the support of the Institute for Political Ecology.

The seminar will explore the concept of degrowth, specifically defining key degrowth policy priorities and priorities, including housing, cities, digital rights, food provisioning, among others.

The discussions taking place will also be framed in the context of the upcoming Croatian European Union Presidency in 2020.

ECOPOLIS: Generation Hope (Brussels, Belgium), 10th November

With the support of Oikos. 

Ecopolis will return in 2019, stimulating public debate on security in regards to the effects of climate change, and how investments in tackling climate issues will mitigate future conflicts.

Find out more information about this event here. 

You can also vist the official Ecopolis website here. 


National Conference: (Im)Mobility in the Schengen Area (Milan, Italy), 8th October

With the support of Fondazione Alexander Langer.

This conference will focus on the mobility of asylum seekers and refugees within European borders, and aims to explore issues such as drivers leading asylum seekers and refugees to move to other European countries, available legal channels for movement, and obstacles posed by the “system of (im)mobility” created by the current legal framework.

Find out more information about this event here.


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