What is ‘The Green New Deal’ and what is its capacity to alter the society and economy that we live in? This book answers these questions and more about the ‘Green New Deal’; the European Green Movement’s response to the combined economic depression and ecological disaster.

The Green New Deal rests on three pillars: the first is the re-regulation of unfettered financial markets to avoid the creation of another speculative bubble. The second pillar is the ecological and social transformation of our society through investment in climate protection and education, but also by an ecological industrial policy. The third pillar is the renewal of social balance between the North and South and between  the rich and poor in the developed world.

GEF offers here a Russian translation of the book, which has been authored by German Green MEPs Reinhard Bütikofer and Sven Giegold (further details are available here).

Format :
Number of pages :
Publication date :
2011, June 11
Type :
Studies and Research

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