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9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Lancaster LA1 1UN
Lancaster, United Kingdom

Due to climate change, extreme weather events become more likely and hence instability and uncertainty for the communities affected increases. This conference will address how the experience of extreme weather events now can help communities to be better prepared for such events in the future.

Climate change is going to increase the frequency and severity of extreme weather. Already we are seeing the impacts of this, with unprecedented flooding in the North of England in December 2015, flooding in Spain in 2016 and the heat wave in Paris in 2003. How can we learn from these events so that we are better prepared in future? This conference, taking place in a community that experienced a major power cut caused by the floods of December 2015, will bring together people from across Europe, including speakers from Lancaster, Paris, Ghent and Barcelona, to find out what we can learn from each other. Speakers include:

  • Caroline Jackson, Lancaster City Council
  • Sergi Alegre Calero, Vice-Mayor, El Prat, Spain
  • Dirk Holemans, Ghent City Council
  • Alice Le Roy, former policy advisor, Paris City Council
  • Roger Kemp, Lancaster University
  • Peter Leeson, The Woodland Trust
  • Hugh Ellis, Town and Country Planning Association
  • Kerryanne Wilde, Community Emergency Response Team
  • Mark Bartlett, Emergency planning officer, Lancaster City Council

As well as the conference on the Saturday, on Friday evening there will be an opportunity to see the film ‘Pedalling and Paddling’, made by a local film maker, about a group from Lancaster setting off to cycle to the COP21 talks in Paris just as the floods hit Lancaster; and on Saturday evening an opportunity to see the play ‘Blackout’ at the Dukes Theatre, based on local people’s experience of the power cut.

The results of the one-day conference will be published in November 2017, summarising how to better prepare for extreme weather events, how to respond to them, and what policies and changes to technology and practices need to be put in place to enable communities to cope better and be more resilient.

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Date: 28 October 2017, 9h30-4h15

Venue: Friends Meeting House, Lancaster, United Kingdom

Lancaster LA1 1UN
Lancaster, United Kingdom